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Transition Coaching

Transition back to work

Transitioning back to work after time off can feel daunting. I would love to be able to support you in your return to work.

When returning to work after a break, it is natural to question whether you can cope; to wonder how colleagues, your team and/or your manager will respond to you and to feel unsure about how the working environment/ technology/ systems etc may have changed whilst you have been off.


Whether you have had been off work due to stress, illness, an accident/ injury, a bereavement, family illness, a career break or maternity/ paternity/ adoption leave, it is likely that your personal life has been significantly different to your old 'normal' whilst you've been away. As well as affecting confidence, experiencing huge life transitions can change how you feel about self, your identity and how you feel about others depending on how understanding and supportive others are. 

If the reason you have been off is something that many don't know how to talk about, then you may fear awkward discussions or wonder if others will even acknowledge it. 

I would love to be able to support you in your return to work, to support you with all of these worries and pondering and any others you may have too. Dr Davey Transition Coaching will not only support you, but also help you develop a plan for how to manage and cope with the transition, drawing on the skills you already have and learning some additional ones, if required. 


Business coaching

Business Coaching

If you are looking to return to work, but thinking of working for yourself

Performance coaching

Performance Coaching

If you want to improve your functioning at work

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