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Corporate Away Days

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Over the past year, my corporate clients have been consistently telling me that they feel drained and need to find ways to rejuvenate. Rising stress levels, increased anxiety, physical and mental health concerns, remote working, whatever shape the past few years have taken for us all - they have certainly taken a toll.  

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It's common knowledge that business away days can help staff to rejuvenate and re-connect with each other, and now more than ever time spent together as a team is hugely significant. But what if the benefits of an away day could last well beyond that week - perhaps for months or even years?  


Dr Kara Davey, Clinical and Coaching Psychologist and Kate Anderson, Qualified Yoga Instructor; ( are offering you an away day with a difference.


In a single day, your staff will learn short, practical, evidence-based techniques, which they can forever draw upon to improve their own performance, well-being and/or resilience in the workplace (you can choose the topic that best suits your teams needs). Followed by the chance to completely switch off the mind, release stress and rejuvenate from the inside out. 


If you are aware that you could do more as an organisation or if you aren’t sure how to improve on your current wellbeing strategy, then we can help you develop this.  

Our away days will help you to foster a comprehensive wellbeing strategy and culture which ensures that the importance of staff wellbeing is an engrained culture, modelled by managers throughout the organisation. They will help you to: 


- Bring out the best in your employees 

- Reduce sickness 

- Positively impact on organisational performance and profit 

- Attract and retain top talent 

- Show your staff your gratitude for them and for all their hard work 

- Model that wellbeing is an important company value and not just a policy or tick box exercise 


Crucially, know that the financial benefits of taking care of your staff in such a way will far outweigh the cost and will provide benefits for months to come! 


Our away days are available in virtual format or we can hold them at a location near you - we would source an inspiring location with luxurious catering for that fully immersive offsite experience. 


To discuss further, please contact Kara on 07751 239551

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