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Business Coaching

Are you a business owner who wants support to expand and enable the business to reach its full potential?

Let me help you.

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I absolutely love providing business coaching. It may be that you want support with improving the systems in your business, perhaps you want to look at your social media strategy or add additional services, maybe your mindset or imposter syndrome are holding you back? 

Perhaps you are currently an employee but deep down you really want to run your own business? If so, whether you work in a corporate setting or you are a health professional, I can help you! Many people come to me feeling like running their own business is just a dream but you absolutely can make it a reality. I know where to start AND the steps required to progress your business as I've done it with both of my businesses and I frequently help other people do it too!


Please get in touch for a free 15 minute consultation if you would like to discuss business coaching further.


At the start of my coaching with Kara, I was looking for help with clarifying the direction of my practice. I had been in private practice for 10 years but had made little time for planning and putting systems in place. Kara helped me identify ways I could run the business in a clearer, cleaner way. I came away with a range of practical tools.


I also had a renewed sense of confidence in my practice which helped significantly reduce the imposter syndrome, which had often threatened to overwhelm me before seeking her help. My business has expanded hugely since our sessions together too.

- a Clinical Psychologist working in Private Practice

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