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About Kara

Dr Kara Davey is a HCPC registered and BPS approved Clinical and Coaching Psychologist with over 15 years' experience. Kara provides in-depth coaching to individuals, as well as supporting organisations to enhance their team’s performance and well-being.


The support Kara offers is always bespoke to your needs and is often very short term. Kara effectively and efficiently teaches the skills that an individual needs to keep enhancing their own performance and well-being.

In addition to 1:1 coaching, Kara offers workshops, webinars, training, team away days/ day retreats and ongoing well-being memberships.

Please get in touch, if you would like to discuss yours and/or your teams needs further.

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My Story

I have worked in a wide range of NHS services. I spent 6 years helping individuals hospitalised with life changing injuries following sudden and traumatic incidents such as road traffic accidents or assaults, which was a role I absolutely loved. I also really enjoyed working in occupational health within the NHS, and for Sussex and Hampshire police headquarters, supporting emergency services personnel affected by trauma experienced whilst in the line of duty.


Following a difficult fertility journey, including numerous losses, I started supporting women in pregnancy, helping new parents as well as helping with difficult life events such as fertility difficulties, traumatic births, neonatal stays and baby loss. 


So many of the men and women I have worked with felt disappointed with the support that they received when transitioning back to work from maternity/paternity, bereavement or sick leave, especially those working in senior roles. As a result, I have seen far too many talented individuals leave roles that they were excelling in and that they used to love. Often leaving was not what the individuals really wanted and replacing them had huge financial implications for their employing organisation too but the lack of support almost felt like being pushed to leave as it made it so hard to stay! I wanted to do more to change this.


So I undertook specialist Coaching training in additional to my Clinical Psychology Doctorate and EMDR trauma training and to become a British Psychological Society (BPS) Accredited Coaching Psychologist.

Since completing my specialist coaching training, I have really enjoyed seeing how quickly my combined therapy and coaching skills have produced improvements in performance and well-being for both men and women. I have also loved the consultation work that I have done with organisations to help them better support their staff. One of the companies I am currently supporting have gone global since giving each of their staff members an annual well-being budget, and encouraging them to use it for personal therapy and/or coaching with myself and colleagues.

I now work with a number of organisations providing performance, maternity and transition coaching. I also work with individuals who self-fund their coaching or want to access my support via their health insurance policy.

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