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Maternity Coaching

Let me help you confidently transition back to work from maternity leave, enabling you to be the best working mum that you can be!

So many women lose confidence in their themselves and their abilities after having a baby, whether it is your first baby or a sibling.


It is really common to feel overwhelmed by the thought of managing a really demanding role AND juggling the demands of parenting/ family life.


The expectations put on women returning from maternity leave can also be completely unrealistic (whether these are societal, organisational, familial or self imposed expectations)!

Let me coach you through your transition back to work so that your mental sharpness is improved, despite any sleep deprivation or baby brain. Let me support you to be the best mum you can be, whilst also performing optimally in the workplace too.


Let me help you reduce the burden of pervasive guilt and/or fears of not being good enough so that they don't hold you back.

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I can teach you a range of evidence based strategies that will enable you to better manage stress and anxiety, improve relationships with your team/ manager/ clients (if required) and generally facilitate improved performance.


The exact focus will of course depend on your personal goals.


My coaching packages not only SUPPORT you but they also help you learn new skills and adapt your existing ones so that you excel in your role and feel confident in your ability, despite your time away from the office.

The unique skill development strategies in my coaching packages can lead to increased promotional opportunities too.

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