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Fertility and loss support

Kara specialises in supporting people who have had difficult fertility journeys, traumatic births, premature labours including NICU stays, challenging fertility journeys and/or who have lost a pregnancy or baby.


Kara has personally experienced multiple miscarriages, as well as a Stillbirth. So she really does understand how devastating it is to struggle with fertility and/or to lose a baby.

Kara is really passionate about working with organisations to help them support their staff with infertility and baby loss. Kara provides webinars that can help to understand the psychological impact of infertility and loss and how to best support individuals who experiencing fertility challenges and/or baby loss. Kara also offers training for line managers, chairs panel discussions and offers specialist training and supervision to healthcare providers.


Kara's existing clients include Deloitte, Google, EBRD, Deutsche Bank, Pollen, Lyst, This Can Happen, SANDS and the NHS.

Excitingly, Kara is also about to launch a comprehensive fertility and loss membership! 


This membership will enable organisations to access specialist advice for their line managers, HR departments and colleagues regarding how to support colleagues following infertility and loss. It will also provide specialist information and weekly therapeutic support to the employee themselves. To be informed of the launch date of this membership and to qualify for the reduced rate AND free 1:1 session with Kara, join the waiting list here. Please note, the reduced rates and free 1:1 session is only available to founding members.

Other fertility support that Kara provides:

1:1 sessions: Kara offers a supportive space to feel heard as she knows how difficult and relentless it can feel coping with fertility challenges and/or loss. In addition to talking through your experiences, it may help to also learn strategies to facilitate coping.

A range of psychological therapies may also be utilised, sessions are of course bespoke on your needs. For example, for some the aim may be to reduce anxiety, irritability, anger, low mood and/or trauma symptoms that accompany your grief.

Maternity and Transition Coaching: Kara also offers support to help with transitioning back to work after maternity or bereavement leave.


Free services for loss families: Kara facilitates free monthly support groups to bereaved parents (on Zoom). They take place on the first Sunday of every month, 7.30-9.30pm. Anyone is welcome to join, to find out more including the links to join, please visit:


 There are also free resources available for individuals and organisations here.



Thanks again for your wonderful webinar. I thought it went really well. You were so thorough with great practical tips and incredibly sensitive to the listeners. Please do hope stay connected to help us further support our staff.

-From a HR Diversity and Inclusion Lead


Kara did a great job of bringing in elements of her own story yet remained entirely professional and able to present her professional thoughts/knowledge alongside her personal experience. There was plenty of space for attendees to ask questions or discuss points further.


I found the science/research element of the training really interesting. It helped me understand how trauma is processed in the brain and how it affects more than just emotions. I now better understand the body and mind connection, the impact of trauma on the brain and the analogies were really helpful, as were the resources providing to help improve well-being.


This is a fantastic course and provides vital information that is useful for any health care professional supporting people who have experienced trauma. I have no hesitations in recommending this training at all, it has increased my confidence at work and surpassed my expectations.

-From an NHS Midwife who supports women in pregnancy after loss.

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